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As the front curtains are pre-treated with flame retardant, we would only recommend sponge spot cleaning with warm water and very soft detergent, The teepee is not designed to be machine washed


caring for your teepee


The standard sized teepee is 120cm square at the base and 135cm high.  This is ideal size from new-born up to teenage years, you can easily fit 2-3 children in it! This is the most popular size.

The smaller sized teepee is slightly smaller if you are short of space and is 100cm square base and approx 120cm high . This is ideal for new-born up to the approx. age of 6 .

​Pet Teepees are smaller again and are 75cm square base and approx. 100cn high. These are recommended for small dogs only, or for cats, rabbits etc

​Other size teepees can be made, please just ask for more details

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Our teepees are designed with four sides, each side approximately 120cm square at the base for standard teepee and 100cm for the smaller one. We chose the 4 sided teepee design as its easier to find the perfect place in your home than other shapes.

Each teepee has a side window, which can be either left or right, if you have a preference please state at time of order. An extra window can be added if you require.

Our poles are  made from 18mm pine and are strong enough to withstand your little Prince or Princesses playing in them. It is really important to us that the teepee is safe and fit for purpose and this is why we rigorously test every element of the teepee, from the poles to the pom-poms to ensure each element is tested for harmful chemicals and flammability, so that it fully complies with the Toy Safety regulations EN71.

Fabric & Design

All our teepees are handcrafted using a soft yet hard wearing ivory material on 3 sides and a printed design cotton fabric for the front & side curtains. We only use good quality fabric as want your teepee to last and this is why we don't use thin or flimsy fabrics that wont stand the test of time. Our fabrics are sourced from all around the world to make  sure we get the best quality and designs.

Some of our teepees are made with Disney / Spring Creatives or other companies licensed fabric. We would like to point out that our teepees and other products are not licensed Disney / Spring Creatives or other companies products.
They are however, hand-crafted from Disney / Spring Creatives or other companies licensed  fabric.
I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Disney Enterprises / Spring Creatives or any other licensed company.

​Sometimes the fabric we chose may have a very slight shade difference to the photos but nothing major and contrast fabrics are chosen at the time of making, or to your specific requests.

The ivory fabric sometimes has a very faint slub in it, this is not an imperfection, its just part of the fabric.

Not only do fabrics need to be child proof they have to be child friendly and comply to toy safety standards too.  This means each fabric has undergone safety testing for harmful chemicals and flammability in line with EN71 standards. 

We are constantly creating new designs so please feel free to recommend a new theme, if you don't already see it in our portfolio.


Our teepees can be simply folded on a day to day basis by lifting at the top and allowing the four poles to fold down in an umbrella style fold.  It can then be stored in a secure place until required again.   It is simple to set up again by just spreading the four poles apart. Our teepees are designed for transporting with the aid of the poles that connect in two halves, so that if you did require to take the teepee on vacation or on a sleepover to grandmas, it can travel with ease in the carry bag provided.  We love this feature, it offers additional storage flexibility.