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About Corkys Den

Hello, I'm Jane and the founder of Corkys Den,  married to Ian, and a mum to 3 gorgeous girls (Issy, Anya & Poppy) .

I've been "crafty" from a very early age, starting at the age of 13 making teazle dollies and selling them for charity. I think nearly every household in my home town of Royton had one at one point! It certainly felt like it, staying up in to the early hours with my mum and dad making them!

After many years of being a  Bank and a Corporate Manager,  I decided I was more passionate about using my creative talents, more than my corporate ones, so I started on the magical road of making teepees.

"Corkys Den" came about, after my wonderful dad (Eric Cork) died very suddenly and as he was the last remaining "Cork" in the family, I wanted to do something in his memory and continue with his name (my maiden name). My mum Anne is absolutely amazing and a real inspiration, she has helped and supported me every step of the way with my business , hence why "Corkys" playmate had to be called "Annie".

After a period of making all the teepees at home, it became necessary to move into some premises - storing all the cushions, poles, Corky & Annies along with all the beautiful fabric was a definite challenge, and we moved (2.2.16) into the Old  Co-op Building in Widnes - we absolutely love it there - our very own little "Corkys Den"!

Now Corkys Den has an official home, we were extremely lucky to find some wonderful ladies and men! to help with the making of the teepees. I couldn't have got this far without them and appreciate all their hard work, support and friendship they have given so far.

We have some exciting times ahead, we became "Corkys Den Ltd"  from 1.4.16 and are looking to expand our portfolio more - so watch this space!

We always welcome calls and messages from customers, so if there is anything else you would like to know or discuss, please feel free to get in touch.